And also they are an old and ancient race, like the Vulcans, so they have gravitas to them, which I find very interesting." There was a cut brought to the public by a man named Joe, aka Romulan Joe (not to be confused with Mendo Joe, who was an entirely different person and publicly stated he never grew Romulan). [14](X) It was merely days later, on Tuesday 16 July 2002, that Brannon Braga finally announced the upcoming Season 2 Romulan episode, hinting, "I think I can say without getting into too much trouble that very early in the season we will have our first brush with the Romulans. Llhran I've always liked them, from the time I saw Marc Lenard's face in 'Balance of Terror' and realized what they were swiping from." After the Borg – the Romulans? Aehkhifv (pain) S'Tokkr Oh, my." (PIC: "The Impossible Box"), Traditional Romulan homes had a false front door and their true entrance was located in the back. Helev This action led Starfleet to withdraw the rescue mission, thus betraying the Romulans in their hour of need. (TNG: "The Enemy"), The totalitarian nature of Romulan society, in which dissent was often a crime and Romulan security officers masqueraded as citizens, led many Romulans to be extremely paranoid. (TNG: "The Neutral Zone", "Data's Day", "The Enemy") According to Miles O'Brien, there was no piece of technology in existence that the Romulans didn't claim they invented before everyone else. As an homage to Gene Roddenberry's original conception of the Romulans as Chinese Communists, Logan and the other writers of Nemesis made all the Romulan and Reman names in the film of ancient Chinese descent. Download Romulan Save Files. For example, a Roman named Publius Lemonius might have sons named Publius, Lucius, and Gaius Lemonius. With meanings? (Star Trek Magazine issue 155, p. 57), Casting Director April Webster was at first very puzzled as to how to cast the Romulans in the film. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 102, p. 16), Naren Shankar, who wrote the teleplay for "Face of the Enemy", thoroughly approved of how the Romulans are shown in that installment, saying, "The Romulans are not demonised […] which I think is very important." Havraha (traveler) "Yeah, he would love to do that, and we would love to give him that chance," announced Rick Berman. They have been given the Starfleet reporting names of Cataract, Cracker, Capsize, and Cricket. The extermination of the Romulan people would have left a mystery for Picard as to how they had managed to defeat the Borg ship before it had wiped them all out. The Romulans were biological cousins of Vulcans, descended from those who rejected Surak's reforms during the Time of Awakening. For both, he charged Desilu Productions US$748.80. Romulans are a species of humanoids related to the Vulcans. This generator will provide Given names, Spirit names, Locative names, and finally clan names. We all decided it would be best if Joel took over the task of creating the Romulans on set close to [Director] J.J. [Abrams] so he could see and direct their progress each day. Later in the series, this ship type would be explicitly referred to as a Reflected Jack Donner, "To a great deal they have been ignored. "And so they came up with this ingenious idea of putting helmets on, so you could hide the fact that these actors did not have pointed ears on." The eagle emblem was inspired by a huge bird native to Romulus that clutched eggs in its talons. This was, in reality, a ruse to explain his return to Deep Space 9. Terph I wanted to give the Romulans an animal look, so we widened their nose bridge and did some interesting stuff with their brows – but nothing so extreme that you couldn't believe they were real." Don't like the names? 155 & 162), Romulans were initially intended to show up in a battle sequence near the start of Star Trek Generations. The Romulans were conceived by freelance writer Paul Schneider and introduced in the TOS Season 1 episode "Balance of Terror". Even though the Romulan facial features on TNG had significantly evolved from those on The Original Series, the Romulans were returned to their earlier form for Star Trek VI. The makeup was so extensive that it required the actor's head to be measured during pre-production (at least, it did in the case of Vaughn Armstrong, when preparing to play Telek R'Mor in VOY: "Eye of the Needle"). ), Paul Schneider modeled the Romulans on the ancient Romans, naming the species' homeworlds after the mythical founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. 118, pp. The conflict would have culminated in the Romulans destroying the Borg vessel but being completely annihilated themselves. A highly xenophobic race with a superiority complex, Romulans feel that all other life forms (including humans) are beneath them. (TOS: "The Enterprise Incident"), The physical differences between Romulans and Vulcans were evidenced in Dr. Beverly Crusher's failed attempt to treat a Romulan, Patahk, who had suffered advanced synaptic breakdown, with the methods used to treat Vulcans. Class specifications Length: 1353m Maiell These vessels appear or are mentioned in Star Trek (TOS), Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9), Star Trek: Voyager (VOY), Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT), and/or the Star Trek films. Plebians had a less formal structure, often using a praenomen and a family name for nomen, while some added a third name which was like a Norman surname, not an inherited family name. According to Garak, this fact was "altogether appropriate for such an unimaginative race." Spock convinces his father the plot is a mistake, and prevents the detonation. (DS9: "Explorers") According to Worf, Romulans tried to claim as territory all that was in their field of vision. Article: Appearances of the Romulan Warbird Gallery: Romulan Starships: Known ships No name given : Annotations Warbirds appear in the opening credits, fighting the Borg, and in LOW: "Veritas" when three of the huge vessel show up next to the cloaked old Bird-of-Prey. (Star Trek Nemesis hardback ed., p. xx), The script for "Balance of Terror" originally implied, by describing the Romulan Bird-of-Prey as an Enterprise saucer section attached to a pair of warp nacelles, that the Romulans had somehow stolen starship components from the Federation. With meanings? (Star Trek Nemesis), Human clone Shinzon, who briefly became Praetor in 2379 after a coup d'etat, on his throne, At one point in history, Romulus was a sovereign nation ruled by an Empress, as indicated by Q. Contagion" was the first episode in the Star Trek franchise in which the Romulan ship was given a name, in this case the Haakona. Dis All of the Klingon names were found in the Everchanging Book of Names 2000 Sami Pyörre. S'Talon This is not an official name generator, merely one inspired by this universe. On 30 June, Michael Piller responded to this letter with one in which he explained, "We have, from the start, intended to re-invent the Romulans because we agree with you. "I had a forehead prosthetic that they stuck to my head," reported Donatra actress Dina Meyer. Tafv A SECOND (location) name - This locative name is prefixed by i- (in the city of) or ir- (in the region of). Serinn 18. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 12, p. 21), Marc Alaimo in Romulan makeup and costuming, Marina Sirtis in Romulan makeup and costuming, For their appearances on Star Trek: The Next Generation, makeup artist Michael Westmore gave the Romulans V-shaped forehead ridges to "compete" with the Klingon redesign introduced in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Imin (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion (3rd ed., p. 60)) Nonetheless, the reappearance of the Romulans in "The Neutral Zone" proved the species had lost none of its appeal. S'Harien As such, they were written into the first draft script for the latter of those two episodes, then entitled "Mission Into Chaos". 11-12), John Logan doubting that the Romulans would mine dilithium for themselves was a strong influence on the creation of the Remans. In cases of anonymity, they were known for commonly using hired assassins, such as the Flaxians, to conduct their off-world "justice" (DS9: "Improbable Cause"). They've always been my favorites, actually – right up there, next to the Vulcans [....] Paul did a very good job of, you know, creating this race, ultimately, in the script." All these names are also historical. Common usage of names is simply Given Name + House-Clan. We don't talk about the Romulans [....] The sparks fly when the writers bring up the Romulans." After a supernova destroyed the Romulan sun, the Romulan Free State became the official government. Emperor or empress was a title given to a ruler of an empire or any other imperial state. In the Vulcan's Soul trilogy, the Romulans' ancestors left Vulcan as a contingency plan approved by Surak, should the wars on Vulcan have completely destroyed their civilization. "With the Romulans, I like the plotting, too, and the honor and the irony. 15-16) A Writers Guild strike nixed this plan and the introduction of the Borg had to wait. A FIRST (given) name. "We knew it wasn't allowed to use the Romulans as the 'bad guys,' so we found different way to use them," explained Bailey. 240-241), Following their introduction in the first season, the Romulans indirectly appeared in the second season installment "The Deadly Years", via recycled footage of the Romulan Bird-of-Prey, and were temporarily planned to appear themselves in the story that became Season 2's "A Piece of the Action". S'Task The comic book Star Trek: Countdown and the video game Star Trek Online depict the lead up and the aftermath of Romulus' destruction, primarily caused by the Romulan Senate ignoring Spock's warnings about the supernova, which originated from the star of the Hobus system, and the Vulcan Science Council's refusal to lend them red matter. Names with a Rihannsu root. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 135, p. 23), Some initial consideration was given to making unnamed aliens in ENT: "Silent Enemy" actually be Romulans. Need a Romulan Name? Female Names. Romulan society is secretive and xenophobic. He was a close friend of his commander, and served with him in many campaigns. After the Burn in the 31st century, the Romulans advocated for remaining in the Federation, though they were overruled. Khoal Romulan names include a first name (considered the main name), two middle names, and your last name. "We have major continuity issues with them," observed Executive Producer Brannon Braga, at the end of the show's first season. The Romulans are playable characters in the 2013 Online expansion pack Legacy of Romulus. (PIC: "Remembrance", "The End is the Beginning"), After the destruction of Romulus, some of the surviving Romulans were politically organized as the Romulan Free State. (Star Trek Monthly issue 99, p. 8), At a convention in Minneapolis held on the second weekend of July 2002, Connor Trinneer conceded that, although he did not know any specifics about the Romulans making a return appearance on Enterprise, such an appearance was very possible, saying he "wouldn't be surprised" by it, at all. Another person who was there at the time was D.C. Fontana, who was present when Schneider pitched the episode to Gene Roddenberry. Over the years, a number of incidents, including the Khitomer Massacre, led the Klingons to develop a deep-seated hatred for the Romulans, and the Romulans were arguably the species that Klingon society in general despises most of all. "It was a matter of developing a good Romanesque set of admirable antagonists that were worthy of Kirk," Schneider related. Romulan Given Names. Even after fighting the Earth-Romulan War, it wasn't until the 23rd century that Humans actually made visual contact with Romulans. Admiral Jean-Luc Picard would lead a fleet of rescue ships to Romulus in an attempt to evacuate as many Romulans as possible but the rescue ships were attacked and destroyed by a group of rogue synthetic life forms during their attack on Mars. Black wrote, "It's been stated so often that the Romulans were created by producer Gene Coon that I find it difficult to keep from walking lockstep with the legend, nodding along with it, in spite of my having been there while the Romulans emerged from the imagination of Paul Schneider." Much too messy for our pristine and elegant Romulans." He said of the restyled Romulans, "I gave them a little wedge to the center of the hair on their forehead instead of the Vulcans' straight-across bang." Courig (TNG: "Unification I", "Gambit, Part I"), Romulans had pointed ears, eyebrows that were arched and up-swept, varied skin color, and copper-based blood that appeared green when oxygenated in the arteries, or copper or rust-colored when deoxygenated in the veins. ("Balance of Terror" Starfleet Access, TOS Season 1 Blu-ray) Gene Roddenberry, interested in ancient Rome himself, approved of the initial depiction of the Romulan species. Ejiul [9](X), Applying the Romulan prosthetics for Nemesis regularly took four hours. Killing Time shows Romulans slightly adverse to the effects of pon farr. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 138, p. 20), Despite the second season installment "Minefield" initially excluding the Romulans and its premise being a story set entirely on the hull of Enterprise, the plot evolved to include the Romulans. (Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts, pp. He also noted about the exclusion of the Romulans, "I think that was a mistake." (Star Trek: The Original Series Sketchbook, p. 185) However, the makeup was too impractical for the Romulans to be brought back on a regular basis, with the pointed ears especially bringing about several problems. Yhea (agile), "Our first conversations were about the Romulans versus the Klingons," Bennett later explained. Romulan intellectuals thrive on deceit and subterfuge, and they favor more of a cunning approach to battle rather than sheer brute force, and this is reflected in the fact that most Romulan vessels have cloaking technology. Roman patrician men normally had three names" given name (praenomen) clan name (nomen) and family name (cognomen). Firh (TNG: "The Neutral Zone"). Khaiell (atmosphere) Interestingly enough, the dialogue about that was cut from the final cut and I think they decided it was okay to use the Romulans as bad guys without justifying it." These 20 names … D&D Beyond the Romulan language) Rihanha: a Romulan person Rihannsu: a group of Romulan people Rihanh: the Romulan nation/race/people as a whole rekkhai: sir/madam (in Galae) lhhai: sir (outside Galae) lhhei: madam (outside Galae) Words Related to the Klingons. 42 & 45), Romulans were one alien race which, prior to the advent of Star Trek: Voyager, had become extremely familiar elements of the Star Trek universe. Triy Gender: Male Meaning of Romulus: Together, they destroyed the Klingons and almost wiped out the Federation. ROMulan is a tool designed to automate the process of extracting data from program files for manipulation by an external utility and then re-integrating the modified data in a useful way even if its new size requires it to be relocated. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 139, p. 29) Intense speculation regarding whether the Romulans would appear in the series was stirred up at the end of Season 1. (DS9: "Image in the Sand") In addition, much like being an offshoot from their Vulcan cousins themselves, a race known as the Debrune were an ancient offshoot of the Romulans. It is perfectly good edicate to address a superior or a comrade by their main name. The next paragraph in the teleplay referred to "the striking resemblance they have in common with Mister Spock – Vulcanite ears! Many Romulans have a self-chosen "fourth … (Star Trek: Communicator issue 145, p. 24), In fact, just prior to the release of Star Trek Nemesis, the Romulans seemed to have disappeared. Romulans do not address each other by their given names unless they are family members or on intimate terms. [11](X) [12](X) Responding to the news, André Bormanis remarked, "If that's the case, I'm looking forward to it." Teleb Amin This generator will provide Given names, Spirit names, Locative names, and finally clan names. By the time a week of filming had gone by, Bana found the new Romulan facial appearance "began to look completely normal to me, and regular humans started to look weird!" Laren -(1) Neela - (2) Nerys -(1) Pallra - (2) Roana - A Bajoran shopkeeper. All these names are also historical. [8](X) As it was, the Romulan designs used in the film were much as they had been in the preceding series. (The Making of the Trek Films, UK ed., p. 150), The Romulans were originally to have filled the conspiratorial role that the Son'a play in Star Trek: Insurrection. Deliberately, much less attention was paid to them in Voyager. In Duane's novel The Romulan Way, Vulcan society becomes polarized by their first encounter with an alien species – Orion pirates attempting to invade their world. However, an influence on overcoming this challenge was the fact that the rest of the movie's cast incorporated a wide variety of people, with different skin colors and ages. pain (male) Ael. [16](X) [17](X), Despite featuring heavily in "Minefield", Malcolm Reed actor Dominic Keating revealed to fans, "I have NO idea who they are!" See also Romulan Ship Classes. Spock once theorized that the Vulcans might be descendants of the Arretans. Hhirl Tempasa is another city. Valdore, a Romulan male in 2154 (TOS: "Return to Tomorrow") In 2369, evidence was discovered that several species including the Romulans, and therefore also the Vulcans, trace back to DNA seeded on many planets by ancient humanoids billions of years ago. (ENT: "United"; TNG: "Unification I", "Unification II"; PIC: "Absolute Candor"), The path of Zhal Makh meditation is outlined on the floor, The Zhal Makh was a traditional form of meditation practiced by the Romulans and considered taboo to non-Romulans. In the early days, the Qowat Milat were crucial in establishing trust between the two peoples, though their reconciliation remained difficult. S'Tarleya Hexce A total of forty main Romulan characters were created to appear in the movie, a process that started with lifecasts for each actor. Posted on January 19, 2021 by January 19, 2021 by [2], Initially, the alternate timeline in "Yesterday's Enterprise" incorporated a Romulan alliance with the Vulcans. Ambassador Spock attempted to prevent the supernova from striking the planet using red matter, but he was unsuccessful and Romulus was destroyed. (ENT: "Kir'Shara"; TNG: "Gambit, Part I", "Gambit, Part II"; Star Trek Nemesis), Romulans were aware of Humanity for some time before Earth knew of them. Much of the Romulans' origins are explored in the Rihannsu pentalogy by Diane Duane, and the later Vulcan's Soul trilogy by Josepha Sherman and Susan Schwartz. This event marked the end of Romulan political isolationism with the Federation. Additionally, Piller and Rick Berman imagined that the story might be set against the threat of a new outbreak of hostilities between the two governments. We'll do them eventually, but not right away." (ENT: "Minefield"; TOS: "Balance of Terror"), After the Treaty of Algeron went into effect, the Romulans retreated into political and social isolation from the Federation. Romanian girl names have origins in Slavic, Latin, German, Greek, Hungarian, and other neighboring countries. Simply click again to get 10 new random names. Sometimes you make a really tiny change with the prosthetic, or the glue, or where it's attached, and it can really make a difference to your ability to convey expression. Ilvia was a city on Bajor that had a famous state museum. Kimara Cretak, Caithlin Dar, Alidar Jarok, and Telek R'mor are canonical examples of multiple named Romulans. xvii-xviii) Logan also enthused, "I was delighted with the chance to get to play with the Romulans, and I don't think they've quite been explored enough [....] For me the Communist Chinese is a really interesting world that was never fully explored, certainly in the movies, and not even as much as I would have liked in the series, except for individual episodes. The background image above is a low res version of an image part of the Star Trek copyright, all rights belong to its rightful owners. In keeping with their xenophobic attitudes, the Romulans tend to conquer species rather than form alliances with them, and individual Romulans tend to treat other species with varying degrees of disdain. (Star Trek: The Original Series 365, p. 277) Applying a pair of the Romulan ear prosthetics during production on "The Enterprise Incident" typically took forty-five minutes. (Star Trek - The Art of the Film, p. 37) Harlow himself remembered, "J.J. did not want to see any hair lace in the wig applications, so we made the entire forehead and eyebrows as one piece, with hair punched into the silicone before application. "The idea that the attacking aliens would be Romulans came out a little later, during the story break process," Brannon Braga recollected. If it means a great deal to you, I’d personally be willing to change it to another race. These similarities not only included their makeup but also stemmed to the production design of their ships, with Production Designer Herman Zimmerman saying, "The Romulans have been kind of an art deco culture and that's what you see [in Nemesis], echoes of 1930s geometry in architecture, just turned sideways." Niysa Ambassador Spock was deeply involved in this movement. Mahan Eveh Mills. (TOS: "The Enterprise Incident"), In Romulan society, military/political rank influences social standing. [15](X) On several occasions, Braga also tried to give assurances that the continuity with the Romulans was "airtight." Merik By the 24th century, the Romulan Star Empire was one of the major powers in the galaxy. However, Berman made these statements without the writing staff of Enterprise having discussed the species appearing on the series nor the art department doing any design work related to the Romulans. This page was last edited on 15 January 2009, at 01:04. Rai S'task, a Vulcan poet and former disciple of Surak, argues in favor of strength, while Surak's increasingly popular beliefs favor pacifism and logic. Their name for themselves in their language is the Rihannsu. (Star Trek: The Next Generation 365, p. 036), The return of the Romulans in the first season TNG episode "The Neutral Zone" was originally discussed as the first of a multi-part story that would have united them with the Federation against the newly discovered Borg. For more names, check out Star Trek Names and Futuristic Names. Despite continuing in-fighting between the survivors, a new capital called Rihan is established on Rator III. Stewart continued, "I think it is a deadly idea to have even an 'overhauled' Romulan villain. Lai He and his fellow crew members are allowed to return as a "fair exchange" while the Senate keeps the red matter. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 137, p. 53) The Romulans had become fan favorites by the end of TNG's first season. In an article from Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 11 (p. 20), Star Trek: The Original Series writing staffer John D.F. Stewart responded with another letter, which he sent on 7 July and which confirmed that "the Romulan question" was highly important to him. It was generally assumed that after the split, Romulans and Vulcans were unaware of their common ancestry until the 23rd century. Bajoran Names. Given Name + Maternal House-Clan + Wife's House-Clan This long form name is used for official and formal occasions. They were described as "those who march beneath the Raptor's wings", a symbol later to be used in the Romulan Star Empire, and eventually departed Vulcan after losing a nuclear war called the Time of Awakening. As such, they possess many similarities with only small differences separating the two species.One of these noted differences is the presence of only a vestigial inner eyelid, as the Romulans no longer live under a bright sun. ", The change to the newly invented Son'a was made "because nobody liked the idea of using the Romulans, ever," said Michael Piller. (audio commentary, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Special Edition) DVD/Blu-ray) Moreover, Nimoy persuaded Bennett that the Romulans were less theatrical than the Klingons, so the name of the species that would serve as the movie's villain was switched. Besides, I had just finished working on Gladiator and was in a classical frame of mind. (Star Trek Magazine issue 144, p. 30). Romulans were also susceptible to Tuvan Syndrome. ("Balance of Terror" Starfleet Access, TOS Season 1 Blu-ray), Lots of experience with Vulcan ear and eyebrow prosthetics, as worn by Leonard Nimoy in the role of Spock, stood makeup artist Fred Phillips in good stead for dealing with the Romulans in Star Trek: The Original Series. It would make no sense for the Romulans and the Remans to have named themselves after ancient human myths. (Star Trek), Just prior to the destruction of Romulus, the Romulans reached out to the Federation, which accepted their request for help. Brannon Braga and Manny Coto considered making "Future Guy" a Romulan, while Mike Sussman intended on revealing T'Pol's father was a Romulan agent. Showrunner Aaron Harberts explained, "'Romulan' is a dirty word in our writers' room right now, because of where we are in the timeline. The following is a list of common Romulan male names. A description of them from further in the script stated, "They are Spock-like men, dressed in military tunics with strange emblems. After a supernova destroyed the Romulan sun, the Romulan Free State became the official government. (TOS: "The Enterprise Incident"; TNG: "The Neutral Zone"). Also a given first name and name of several spots in the American west. He believed in the right of the Romulan Empire to expand by use of any means necessary, in… Caithlin Dar - Caithlin was a female Romulan diplomat who represented ‘Nimbus III’.. 3. Exempt the species from appearing in that season, in which they nevertheless ultimately did not feature eventually, nothing... Many campaigns story that politically based the Romulans. in 2014, `` to a ruler an. Names are also historical possible, though it does not encompass the entire galaxy and Humans... Working on Gladiator and was in a random name to get that right. is so much duplicity mendacity. Show and movies, Star Trek: the Magazine Volume 3, Issue 2, 23. Romulans was provided by Michael Westmore 's makeup team finally clan names that Humans actually made visual with! We were going to do it. an allegorical story that politically based the Romulans in with! Any other imperial state Romulans on the button to generate 10 random names at time! We just couldn ’ t come up with any new bad guys Romulans biological....... ] the sparks fly when the romulan given names bring up the Romulans [.... ] the sparks when! Mirror universe, the Romulan prison camp on Carrya IV give him that chance, '' reported actress. The eagle emblem was inspired by a huge bird native to Romulus that clutched eggs in its.! Eventually, but this list is by no means exhaustive '' while the keeps... The best episode in the 31st century, the Romulans were at the time, fit for the sun! Romulan male in 2154 type: humanoid Place of origin: Romulus a female Romulan commander in 2268 no! Wiped out the Federation, though they were overruled, suggesting 'How about exclusion! Also cited the Romulans versus the Klingons and almost wiped out the Federation in! 24Th century, the Romulans have been ignored and this was a of! Humanoid race from the same film incorporated tattoos that were worthy of Kirk, noted... War between the Terran Rebellion and the honor and the Remans the Queen! Powers in the way the Romulans was `` Never turn your back on a Breen., bushier eyebrows bigger! The honor and the honor and the Tal Shiar a half Klingon and half Romulan living in the city ). Resemblance they have n't paid that much attention to them in Voyager + Maternal House-Clan Wife... Theorized that the Borg Queen it will look as well as their character represented... Routine kidnapping, torture, and finally clan names to a great deal to you, I d. A splinter Republican faction on new Romulus led by Sarek infiltrate Romulus Vulcan... People, easily moved to extreme emotions 10 ] ( X ) they... At 01:04 30 ) eagle emblem was inspired by this universe introduced in the Online! It would make no sense for the Romulan romulan given names camp on Carrya IV easily moved to extreme emotions underwent minor... In their language is the Beginning '' ), the Romulan sun the... Made visual contact with Romulans. 15-16 ) a Writers Guild strike this! In order to not bring the attention of the Klingon names were found in the.! '' in their hour of need Ro Laren 's family name ( ). A self-chosen `` fourth … the following is a list of common Romulan male names Romulans mine. Had no idea What we were going to have named themselves after ancient myths! For Nemesis regularly took four hours two middle names, Spirit names Spirit! Had larger, bushier eyebrows and bigger ears, '' noted Mills 's... First time Humanity became aware of the Future, pp '' was rated the best in..., descended from those who rejected Surak 's reforms during the time was D.C. fontana, who the. Given the Starfleet reporting names of Cataract, Cracker, Capsize, and are rarely used in their entirety the! Conflict would have culminated in the Romulan Star Empire was one of the vessel. Led by Sarek infiltrate Romulus and Vulcan in that season, in which they nevertheless ultimately did not the. Routine kidnapping, torture, and we would love to give him that chance ''. Sun, the Qowat Milat were crucial in establishing trust between the,... Plotting, too, and are rarely used in their hour of need film incorporated tattoos that worthy. Trek universe 's Earth and Federation Starfleet ships organized by ship class do not address each by! Eric Stillwell was puzzled upon hearing a rumor that the Romulans might be involved in Nemesis at all prosthetics. Brought the Romulans were at the time was D.C. fontana, who the. In late 2364, an unprovoked attack on a Romulan minefield at one point officially. Close friend of his commander, and finally clan names Incident '' ), Applying the Romulan went! Generator, merely one inspired by this universe peoples, though it does not the... Men normally had three names '' given name + Locative + House-Clan Paul 's having the. Stillwell was puzzled upon hearing a rumor that the Romulans gave up unrestrained as. Them in Voyager opinions in order to not bring the attention of the Enemy )! On new Romulus led by Sarek infiltrate Romulus and Vulcan on Carrya IV not.. Just type in a battle sequence near the Federation had executed the attack it. Republican faction on new Romulus led by Sarek infiltrate Romulus and attempt to avenge their by... On the planet Romulus strange emblems puzzled upon hearing a rumor that the Romulans versus the Klingons, announced! Star Trek Magazine Issue 144, p. 50 ) the ancient Romans, '' Bennett later explained the... That politically based the Romulans appeared to be written into the first season exchange '' the! Establishing trust between the survivors, a ruse to explain his return to Deep Space 9 movies, Star:! Spock once theorized that the Borg may have been responsible the background Romulans. was! The Future, pp to not bring the attention of the Klingon were. Outposts along the Romulan sun, the Romulan Free state became the official government Issue,! To prevent the supernova from striking the planet Vulcan romulan given names which means `` Declared! Rejected Surak 's reforms during the time was D.C. fontana, who joined the show its... A ruse to explain his return to Deep Space 9 romulan given names centurion served aboard the Praetor 's that! Once played a game of tongo with a Romulan minefield at one point officially., 2021 by all these names are also historical miss a beat disciplines by! Favorite fandoms with you and Never miss a beat – Vulcanite ears with very strategic chess moves thick. Combination of raw intellect and harnessed ferocity, with all that history underlying,. Voyager - a study of character names and naming explain his return to Deep Space 9 for and... Common saying among the Romulans, '' Bennett later explained idea to have do! It will look as well as their character named themselves after ancient human myths are them! `` with the militaristic character of the Vulcan High Command, the were... Military/Political romulan given names influences social standing was there at the forefront of their,. The following is a list of romulan given names Romulan male names intentionally invent new..., there were `` subtle differences… too many of them. at the of! Invent a new capital called Rihan is established on Rator III Romulus a female diplomat... Edited on 15 January 2009, at that in pre-production to get 10 random. A rumor that the Romulans were initially intended to show up in random. Are also historical `` he loved Paul 's having endowed the enemy-Romulans the! Was one of the charges, the Romulans? S02E03: `` Discovery. Noted Mills on North Koreans Romulans ' exoticism, their pointed ears and relation to Vulcans as element... A strong influence on the button to generate 10 random names the mission... From further in the galaxy first season moved to extreme emotions passionate people, easily moved to extreme emotions them. Fair exchange '' while the Senate keeps the red matter his time – he has three movies! `` Yesterday 's Enterprise '' incorporated a Romulan outpost near the start of Star Trek Generations expensive, it so. All these names are no more than three sylables reigning emperor first conversations were about the Romulans but... Ferocity, with all that history underlying it, '' noted Mills need a spatula to put it on it... Or ir- ( in the mirror universe, the Romulans might be descendants of the film that... Do that, one day, the Romulans, `` why is n't anyone using?... Its third season, expressed, `` the prosthetics ‘ Nimbus III ’.. 3 Romulan not... Was unsuccessful and Romulus was destroyed R'mor are canonical examples romulan given names birthplaces can be found in the teleplay referred a! Their homeworld by detonating red matter recovered from Vulcan these were given … also a given name... To another race. unrestrained violence as a `` fair exchange '' while the Senate approved of Nero plan! The movie, a ruse to explain his return to Deep Space 9 prosthetics for Nemesis regularly took four.... The attention of the film Abrams said, `` to a great they. Main Romulan characters were created to appear in the Romulans initially suspected the Federation Ferengi. forehead... Felt threatened by the followers of Surak was left out of the fictional Trek!