National Center for Combustion Research and Development

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras & Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
Processing waste plastics into liquid fuels

Speaker : Dr Swaminathan Ramesh

Date : 27-08-2013 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Venue: Aero / NCCRD Seminar Hall

Abstract :

Plastic’s unique characteristics of resistance to oxidation, light weight, low permeability of water and air make it highly useful for packaging and at the same time an environmental problem. While they can be highly recycled, any waste stays non-degraded for a very long, long time and clog up the landfills, waterways, ocean currents or sides of the streets. EcoPlasti Fuel has developed an economically and technically viable process to address this problem. We hope to satisfy the needs of a small scale producer (1 ton per day) to large waste collectors (multi tons per day). This talk will address the technical challenges as well as the business requirements as acceptance of this technology depends on generating profits for those involved Dr Swaminathan Ramesh., M.Sc in Chemistry - Madras University - 1971 , PhD in Organic Chemistry - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 1976 , Post-Doctoral Research - University of Illinois, Chicago - ’76 – ‘81 , After two years of contract work at the US EPA labs, Chicago, joined BASF Corporation ’83 – 2005 Over 30 US patents in polymer chemistry, related to Coatings Research, One US patent (2009), three International (PCT) patents applied for (2012) all related to recycling Plastics One US patent on Third Generation Solar Cell Entrepreneur – Founder and CEO of Advanced Technologies of Michigan (1992 – ), Global Energy Conversions (2006 - ), Solarflex (2007 - ) and EcoPlasti Fuel (2012 - )

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