National Center for Combustion Research and Development

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras & Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore

Ongoing Research

  • Bubbling Fluidized Bed Coal Gasification 
  • Characterization of Biomass Briquettes and Modeling of Reciprocating Grate Biomass Combustor to Arrive at Optimum
  • Combustion Dynamics
  • Combustion NoiseExperiments and Simulation of Liquid Jet/Spray in Cross-Flow
  • Development of Gas Sensors for Biomass Gasifier Outlet
  • Development of Gas Sensors for Biomass Gasifier Outlet
  • Development of High Powered IC Engines
  • Development of Optical Engine for in Cylinder Flow/ Combustion Studies
  • Downstream Processes
  • Dual Mode Gasification System
  • Dynamics of Shear Layer Stabilised Flames Near Lean Blowout
  • Dynamics of Stagnation Stabilised Flames Near Blowout
  • Energy and Resource Recovery via Thermochemical Processing
  • Engine Development
  • Experimental Investigation of Primary and Secondary Break-Up of Liquid Jets in Coaxial Air-Blast Atomization
  • Flame Propagation in a Gas Stove Burner
  • Flame Propagation in non-planar Solid Surfaces
  • Flame Structure in a Vertical Burning PMMA Slab Flame
  • Fuel Characterization
  • Interaction between Multiple Swirl Stabilised Flames
  • Kinetic Modeling for Various Applications
  • Lean Direct Injection 
  • Microgravity Combustion
  • Nano-Alumina based Diagnostics for Combustion
  • Numerical Investigation of Combustion Instability in a V-Gutter Stabilized Combustor
  • Numerical Investigation of Laminar Cross-Flow Non-Premixed Flames in the presence of a Bluff-Body
  • Numerical Investigation of Unsteady Spray Dispersion for a Pressure-Swirl Atomizer
  • Quenching Characteristics of Water Droplets for a Vertical Burning PMMA Slab
  • Soot Formation in Partially-Premixed Flames
  • Spray-Turbulence Interaction in a Wind Tunnel Facility
  • Strategy for Combustion
  • Study of Sprays from a common Rail Diesel Injector in a High Pressure High Temperature Spray Test Rig
  • Superluminescent Diode Based Multiple Trace Gas Sensing
  • Supersonic Combustor Rig
  • Swirl Burner Diagnostics
  • TDLAS Tomography for Combustion Species and Temperature
  • Transverse Injection into a Supersonic Cross Flow through a Circular Injector with Chevrons

Publication List

Model for heat conduction in nanofluids
Year: 2005 Keywords: Das, SK Sundararajan, T Pradeep, T Patel, HE Comment on "Model for heat conduction in nanofluids" - Reply PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS NOV 11 2005 VL 95 IS 20 AR 209402.
Sensing and Control of LBO Margin in Gas Turbines
Year: 2003 Keywords: J. Seitzman, M. THIRUCHENGODE, S. Nair, S. Prakash, Y. Neumeier, T. Lieuwen, J. Jagoda, and B. Zinn, "Sensing and Control of LBO Margin in Gas Turbines", paper E02, Intl. Colloquium on Combustion and Noise Control, Cranfield University, 11-14 August 2003.
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