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Indian Institute Of Technology Madras & Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
Spray Diagnostics Lab


In the SDL, fundamental study of spray involving jet and cross flow and droplet air turbulence interactions are conducted.  Spray diagnostics including characterization of gas turbines spays, IC engine sprays etc., and  

study of fire sprinklers are also carried out here.

To use the facilities available in this lab, please write to:

List of some of the major facilities/rigs available in this lab:

  1. Active turbulence grid spray
  2. Atmospheric pressure pulsed spray
  3. Fire sprinkler
  4. GE dual orifice swirl cup
  5. GE premixer nozzle
  6. High pressure pulsed spray
  7. Liquid jet/Spray in cross flow
  8. Micro spray
  9. Rig-3A
  10. Slinger atomizer rig

List of some of the major equipment available in this lab:

  1. Litron beroulli laser
  2. Patternator
  3. PDPA
  4. Q-Smart laser

Lab Equipments

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Dr Renganathan T

Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemical Engg., IITM

Dr Srikrishna Sahu

Assistant Professor

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