National Center for Combustion Research and Development

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras & Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
MHRD Centre for Diagnostics

The "Centre for excellence in non-intrusive diagnostics" was established at NCCRD, IIT Madras, with the funding from MHRD, GoI. This centre has the capability and technique for simultaneous measurement of most physical quantities of interest in flow and combustion systems using state-of-the-art  spatio-temporal resolution.

This centre serves as a single location for the measurement of a wide range of flow and combustion situations encountered in many practical applications as well as fundamental investigations. 

At this center, is well equipped for the measurement of 3 components of velocity (high-speed stereo particle image velocimetry(PIV), species concentration (planar laser induced fluorescence (acetone/OH/HCHO-PLIF)), temperature (2-line PLIF), pollutant emissions (NO-PLIF), reaction rate (OH/HCHO-PLIF), soot concentration (laser induced incandescence (LII, PIV and PLIF (OH, HCHO,Acetone, NO & PAH) in premixed, non-premixed and partially premixed combustion) and spray diagnostics(interferometric particle imaging (IPI).

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List of some of the major equipment available in this lab:

  1. Dicam high speed camera
  2. Litron high speed laser

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