National Center for Combustion Research and Development

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras & Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
Combustion Dynamics Lab

The combustion dynamics laboratory houses extensive facilities for point and planar measurements of the velocity, flame radical imaging, laser induced fluorescence of flame radicals and soot incandescence.

To use the facilities available in this lab, please write to:

List of some of the major facilities/rigs available in this lab:

  1. Step combustor
  2. Swirl combustor
  3. Syngas combustor
  4. One, two and three-component hot wire anemometry (HWA) 
  5.  Particle imaging velocimetry (PIV) comprising of high speed (upto 10 kHz) and low speed (10 Hz) 
  6. Stereoscopic and tomographic PIV measurements
  7. High speed (10 kHz) laser induced fluorescence of the CH*, OH* radicals and  
  8. Soot measurement using laser induced incandescence
  9. Piezo-electric probes for unsteady pressure measurements

List of some of the major equipment available in this lab:

  1. Brilliant B laser
  2. Pixelfly camera
  3. Ttwins ultra laser
  4. YG+/TDL laser

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Dr Mallikarjuna J.M.

Assistant Professor

Dr Renganathan T

Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemical Engg., IITM

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