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Automotive Lab

The auto lab is focussed on the development of a Gasoline Direct Injection Engine (GDI engine) of small capacity which can be used on two and three wheelers and also scaled up and used on small cars.


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List of some of the major facilities /rigs available in this lab

  1. Rig for use of research engine with optical access to the combustion chamber to conduct experiments under controlled conditions, for evaluating the interaction between fuel sprays and combustion chambers of different geometries with air motion being one of the prime variables.
  2. Rig with steady state dynamometer capable of loading a single cylinder engine for combustion chamber pressure measurement and also emission measurement. The developed combustion chambers and nozzles will be evaluated on this test rig and initial values of fuel injection parameters and other operating conditions will be established. Here experiments will also be conducted on a state of the art commercially available GDI engine for benchmarking.
  3. Rig with transient loading capabilities with ability to take the engine through actual road load operating conditions. This will enable us to evaluate the finalized combustion chamber geometries and fine tune injection strategies for performance and emission control under transient operation.
  4. Special test rigs have been developed to conduct experiments using optical diagnostic tools to determine the influence of fuel injection parameters on the fuel spray development and its influence on combustion



Full Paper(s) Published in Conference Proceedings

[1] Jose, J. V, Mittal, M., and Ramesh, A., “A Computational StudyOf In-Cylinder Flow And The Influence Of Injection Timing On MixturePreparation In A Small-Bore GDI engine,” NCICEC Conf. Proceedings,2017.

[2] Jose, J. V, Anil Parci, Shrinidhi S, Mittal, M and Ramesh, A.,“Effect of Fuel Injection Timing on Mixture Preparation in a Small GasolineDirect-Injection Engine – A CFD Analysis”, Small Engine TechnologyConference, Dusseldorf, Germany, SAE Conference, Germany.

[3] Jubin V Jose, Mayank Mittal, and A Ramesh, “Effect of multipleinjections on spray wall impingement in a small gasoline direct injection engine – A CFD Analysis”, 12th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion,Fukuoka International Congress Center, Fukuoka, Japan 1st -5th July 2019.

[4] Kiran Bhaskar, Jubin V Jose, Mayank Mittal, A Ramesh,“Detection of engine knock using speed oscillations in a single-cylinderspark-ignition engine”, JSAE 20199330, Powertrain fuel and lubricantsconference, Hiroshima August 26-29 2019, Japan. 

[5] Anandteerth Muddapur, Jubin V Jose , Sahu Srikrishna,Sundararajan T and A Ramesh, The experimental investigation of post-impingementGDI spray structure for high wall temperature condition and split-injectionstrategy, National Conference on Internal Combustion Engines and CombustionNovember 1-4 | 2019 National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra India.


(c) Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/Exchange programs attended and Papers Presented

[1] NCICEC Suratkal, India, 2017

[2] SETC 2018, Germany.

[3] Converge user conference May 16 2019, Pune, India.

[4] Patent filed- Detection of engine knock using crankshaft speed oscillations. (IDF 1852)


(d) Awards/Honours, if any: First position in Caterpillar Industrial defined problem challenge on “Novel methods for improving the efficiency of Diesel engines” and overall runners up of the IDP challenge, Saastra 2019, IIT Madras.



List of some of the major equipment available in this lab:

  1. Air flow meters
  2. Combustion analyser
  3. Data acquisition systems
  4. Eddy current dynamometer
  5. Emission analyser
  6. Endoscope
  7. FTIR analyser
  8. High speed cameras
  9. Intake air conditioning unit
  10. Optical engine
  11. Open engine controllers
  12. Smoke meter
  13. Transient dynamometer
  14. Transient fuel flow meter

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