National Center for Combustion Research and Development

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras & Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
Major Equipment at NCCRD IITM

List of major equipment at NCCRD, IIT Madras

Automotive Research:

  1. Cone Calorimeter
  2. Eddy Current Breaking Dynamometer
  3. Endoscope
  4. Open Engine Controllers
  5. Optical Engine  
  6. Smoke Meter
  7. Transient Dynamometer
  8. Transient Fuel Flow Meter
  9. Gas Analyser

Flow / Spray / Combustion Diagnostics:

  1. Data Acquisition Systems
  2. High-Speed Cameras
  3. High Speed PLIF System
  4. High Speed Tomographic PIV System
  5. Hot Wire Anemometer
  6. ICCD Camera
  7. Long Distance Microscope
  8. Nd:YAG-532nm Wavelength Laser
  9. ND:YAG Laser +Tunable Dye Laser  
  10. Nd:YAG laser with second, third and fourth Harmonic
  11. Phase Doppler Particle Analyser LDV
  12. Pixelfly Camera
  13. Spectrometer
  14. Spray patternator
  15. Twins ultra laser
  16. 3D Miniature Laser Doppler Velocimeter( 3D Mini LDV)

Fuel characterization:

  1. Ash Fusion Tester
  2. Bomb Caloimeter
  3. Dielectric Constant Meter
  4. Elemental Analyser
  5. FTIR Analyser
  6. FTIR Spectrometer
  7. Gas Chromatograph
  8. Microbalance (Sartotius)
  9. Microwave Reactor
  10. Portable Gas Analyser
  11. Proximate Analyser
  12. Pyroprobe Reactor
  13. Stabinger viscometer
  14. Tensiometer

Microgravity Research:

  1. High Speed Camera Motion xtra NXA 453

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