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Aerospace Propulsion

Ongoing Research

Atomization and spray combustion
Experiments and Simulation of Liquid Jet/Spray in Cross-Flow
Experimental Investigation of Primary and Secondary Break-Up of Liquid Jets in Coaxial Air-Blast Atomization
Spray-Turbulence Interaction in a Wind Tunnel Facility

Flame stabilization
Dynamics of Shear Layer Stabilised Flames Near Lean Blowout
Dynamics of Stagnation Stabilised Flames Near Blowout

Numerical simulations
Numerical Investigation of Combustion Instability in a V-Gutter Stabilized Combustor
Numerical Investigation of Laminar Cross-Flow Non-Premixed Flames in the presence of a Bluff-Body
Numerical Investigation of Unsteady Spray Dispersion for a Pressure-Swirl Atomizer

Supersonic combustion
Supersonic Combustor Rig
Transverse Injection into a Supersonic Cross Flow through a Circular Injector with Chevrons

Swirl flames
Interaction between Multiple Swirl Stabilised Flames
Lean Direct Injection 
Swirl Burner Diagnostics

Unsteady combustion
Combustion Dynamics
Combustion Noise

Publication List

Combustion of Sandwich Propellant at Low Pressures
Authors: Ramakrishna P A,
Year: 2005 Keywords: Ramakrishna, P. A., Paul, P. J., Mukunda H. S., and C. H. Sohn, “Combustion of Sandwich Propellant at Low Pressures”, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 30, The Combustion Institute 2005, pp 2097 - 2014
Sensing and Control of LBO Margin in Gas Turbines
Authors: Muruganandam T.M.,
Year: 2003 Keywords: J. Seitzman, M. THIRUCHENGODE, S. Nair, S. Prakash, Y. Neumeier, T. Lieuwen, J. Jagoda, and B. Zinn, "Sensing and Control of LBO Margin in Gas Turbines", paper E02, Intl. Colloquium on Combustion and Noise Control, Cranfield University, 11-14 August 2003
Real-Time Control of LBO for Low NOx Emissions
Authors: Muruganandam T.M.,
Year: 2002 Keywords: B. T. Zinn, J. Jagoda, T. Lieuwen, Y. Neumeier, J. Seitzman, S. Nair and M. M. THIRUCHENGODE, "Real-Time Control of LBO for Low NOx Emissions," UEET Program Technology Forum, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, October 28-30, 2002
Diode Laser Sensors for Detonation Flows
Authors: Muruganandam T.M.,
Year: 2001 Keywords: S.T. Sanders, M. M. THURICHENGODE, L. Ma, D.W. Mattison, and R.K. Hanson, "Diode Laser Sensors for Detonation Flows," 23rd Symp. (Int.)on Shock Waves, July 2001
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