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Indian Institute Of Technology Madras & Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
Micro gravity combustion research in Hokkaido University

Speaker : Prof. Fujita is an active scientist in the field of combustion and is a member of combustion society of Japan (CSJ). He is the president of CSJ (Japan section chair of the Combustion Institute(CI)) and is a board member of the CI for 4 years.

Date : 20-02-2018 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Venue: Aero / NCCRD Seminar Hall

Abstract :

In the first part of the presentation, brief introduction of Hokkaido University and their educational program for students exchange in collaboration with IIT Madras, Hyderabad and Bombay will be made. Then some combustion research projects on going in Hokkaido University are introduced. The project called as FLARE is intending to build up new fire safety standard for screening material to use in spacecraft, which provides alternative standard to the present NASA-STD-6001. Some experimental results acquired by drop tower and parabolic flights as well as the test plan of ISS experiments to be attained in 2019 will be introduced. Some other ongoing combustion researches including a topic on combustion instability are also introduced.

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