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Research and Development of a Wave-Rotor Constant-Volume Combustor with Traversing Jet Ignition

Speaker : Prof. M. Razi Nalim, PhD, PE, Associate Dean for Research & Professor of Mechanical Engineering Purdue School of Engineering & Technology, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, IN 46202-5132, USA

Date : 02-11-2018 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Venue: Aero / NCCRD Seminar Hall

Abstract :

A wave-rotor constant-volume pressure-gain combustor is being developed that uses traversing jet ignition. In laboratory testing, it achieved stable combustion at near-atmospheric inlet conditions and demonstrated the potential of pressure-gain combustion using a wave rotor. This technology has the potential for substantial improvements in gas turbine power, efficiency, and emissions. The experiment rig with a motor-driven, room-temperature rotor with large thermal mass operated for short durations within heating limits of extensive in-passage rotating instrumentation. Fast deflagrative combustion was observed with varied fuel distribution in the passages, showing good combustor operability, insensitive to leakage. Remarkably high flame speeds and a net pressure gain were indirectly indicated from measurements. Separate experimental testing of jet ignition in a long aspect ratio constant-volume combustion chamber was achieved with traversing motion of the jet by rotating a prechamber. High-speed Schlieren videography and dynamic pressure transducers showed that ignition delay increases with increasing equivalence ratio, but was relatively insensitive to initial gas temperature in a moderate range. Modeling of transient jet ignition reveals insights into the role of vortex mixing in successful ignition.

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