National Center for Combustion Research and Development

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras & Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Dr. Pushpavanam S

Professor Dept of Chemical Engg., IITM


Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, Nonlinear dynamics, Flow Visualisation.


CHW 211


  1. Swernath S, Benny Malengier and Pushpavanam S, "Effect of Korteweg stress on viscous fingering of solute plugs in a porous medium " , CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE , Article in Press
  2. Sreenath K,Pushpavanam S, "Issues in the Scaling of exothermic reactions: From micro scale to macro scale", CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL , Volume: 155, Issues 1 - 2, Pages 312 - 319 , DEC 1 2009
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  5. Selvaraju N, Pushpavanam S , "Adsorption characteristics on sand and brick beds", CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL , Volume: 147 , Issue: 2-3 , Pages: 130-138 , APR 15 2009


  • Research Associate, Tata Energy Research Instiute, New Delhi, 1989 
  • Assistant Professor, IIT, Kanpur, 1989 
  • Associate Professor , IIT, Kanpur, 1995
  • Associate Professor , IIT, Madras, 1997 
  • Professor, IIT, Madras, 2000


1. Fulbright Fellowship to visit the University of Florida in summer of 1996.

2. Rajarambapu national award by ISTE for the Best Engineering Faculty in 1999


  • IIT Madras,
  • National Centre for Combustion Research And Development.


  1. Rotary Granulation of blast furnace slag, sponsored by JSW steel plant, 2015 onwards for Rs 50 lakhs (along with T. Renganathan, Sabita Sarkar and Ajay Shukla) 
  2. Stability of foams from a foam dispenser, sponsored by Hindustan Unilever, 2013-2015 for Rs 15 lakhs (along with Prof. Basavaraj M Gurappa)
  3. Elucidation of Physio-Chemical Mechanisms in absorption of carbon dioxide using microchannels for optimal design of absorption systems, sponsored by DST, 2012-2015 for Rs 56.43 lakhs (along with Prof. Abhijit Deshpande
  4. Mathematical Modeling of a Fluidized bed gasifier for a mixture of Indian Coal and Petcoke, sponsored by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) and Centre for High Technology, 2009-2013 for Rs 50 lakhs (along with Prof. T. Renganathan)
  5. Dynamic Simulation of a pilot plant fluidized bed gasifier, sponsored by BHEL, 2011-2012, for Rs 17 lakhs (along with Prof. T. Renganathan)
  6. Modelling and Optimisation of Plasma Enhanced coal gasification Indo Korean project, 2010-2012 for Rs 60 lakhs (along with Prof. T. Renganthan).
  7. Understanding Mass transfer and reactions in microchannels sponsored by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India, for Rs 12 lakhs
  8. Stratification studies in the event of a core disruptive accident sponsored by Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, Kalpakam, for Rs 24 lakhs (along with Prof. T. Sundararajan)
  9. Characterising tea extraction in a vending machine: an analysis of different protocols, sponsored by Tata Global Beverages, 2011-2013 for Rs 16 lakhs (along with Prof. A. Kannan)
  10. Optimising parameters for extraction of tea in a vending machine, sponsored by Tata Tea Ltd., 2008-2010 for Rs 8 lakhs (along with Prof. A. Kannan)
  11. Modeling and simulation of a coal bed gasification Unit, sponsored by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited and Oil Industry Development Board, 2008-2010 for Rs 50 lakhs (along with Prof. T. Renganathan)
  12. Air Quality Monitoring and Source Apportionment Studies in the city of Chennai, sponsored by Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi for Rs 250 lakhs (along with Profs. S. Ramananthan, R. Ravikrishna, Shiva Nagendra)
  13. Realistic modeling of a three way catalyst convertor, sponsored by General Motors India Science Lab for Rs 10 lakhs (along with Prof. Niket Kaisare)
  14. Kinetic parameter estimation in a three way catalytic converter using Genetic algorithms, sponsored by General Motors India Science Lab for Rs 8 lakhs
  15. Experimental studies on hydrodynamics and adsorption in expanded bed columns, Indo German project DST-DAAD, 2004 for Rs 4 lakhs
  16. Non linear dynamics of reactor separator systems, VW foundation Hannover Germany, 2001 Rs 40 lakhs
  17. Setting up a center for flow visualization, DST under FIST program, 2001 for Rs 98 lakhs (along with Prof. Abhijit Deshpande)
  18. Modelling and Simulation of an Industrial Trickle Bed Reactor, sponsored by Madras Refineries Limited, Manali, 1999, for Rs 20 lakhs
  19. Non-linear dynamics and optimisation of a fed-batch reactor sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, 1994, for Rs. 4.9 lakhs (two years)
  20. Quantitative Estimation of effluents from a leather tannery sponsored by the Centre for Technology and Development, 1993 for Rs. 15,000/- (three months)