National Center for Combustion Research and Development

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras & Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Dr. Chakravarthy S.R.

Professor Department of Aerospace Engg., IITM & Coordinator, NCCRD


Laser diagnostics, Solid propellants and Computational combustion, Combustion and Propulsion, Combustion instability, Solid Pyrolysis, Combustion fluid Dynamics,


1st floor, NCCRD


  1. Sampath, R. and Chakravarthy, S. R., “Proper Orthogonal and Dynamic Mode Decompositions of Time-Resolved PIV of Confined Backward-Facing Step Flow,” Experiments in Fluids (accepted), 2014.
  2. Gurram, N. and Chakravarthy, S. R., “Experimental Investigation of Cellular Instability in Ammonium Perchlorate (AP) and Fine AP-Binder Mixtures,” Proceedings of the Combustion Institute (accepted), 2014.
  3. Balbudhe, K., Roy, A., and Chakravarthy, S. R., “Computer Modelling of Nano-Aluminium Agglomeration During the Combustion of Composite Solid Propellants,” Proceedings of the Combustion Institute (accepted), 2014.
  4. Ignatius, J. K., Sathiyavageeswaran, S., and Chakravarthy, S. R., “Scale-Model Hot-Flow Simulation of Aeroacoustic Field and Suppression by Water Injection during Launch Vehicle Lift-off,” AIAA Journal (accepted), 2014.
  5. Mulla, I. A. and Chakravarthy, S. R., “Flame Speed and Tangential Strain Measurements in Widely Stratified Partially Premixed Flames Interacting with Grid Turbulence,” Combustion and Flame (in press), 2014.


  • Post Doctoral Fellow, Georgia Tech, 1996
  • Visiting Faculty, IIT, Madras, 1997                                                                                                                                                    
  • Assistant Professor, IIT, Madras, 1998




Combustion Institute


  1. Optimizing Gasification of High Ash Content Coals for Electricity Generation
  2. Combustion dynamics modelling and experiments in a single nozzle rig 
  3. Characterisation of the fuel film and spray ensuing from a dual-orifice swirter
  4. Low Emission, fuel-flexible combustion systems to enable decentralised power generation using renewable local supplies
  5. Development of Two-Line Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence Technique for Non-Intrusive Diagnostics of Temperature in Gas Turbine Type Combustors
  6. Development and Characterization of Solid Propellants to Mitigate
  7. An experimental and computational study of screech in afterburners
  8. Experimental characterization of flow field in a fuel – air premixer using optical measurement techniques.
  9. Development of a non-intrusive gas monitoring system for biomass gasifier unit

List of Students

PhD Students
  1. Akhilesh Kumar Sahu
  2. Aravind IB
  3. Aritra Chakraborty
  4. Bedabrata Sanyal
  5. Chetankumar Vegad
  6. David Bhatt
  7. Gnanaprakash
  8. Joel Varun Vasanth
  9. Jopaul
  10. Lakshmi
  11. Nikhil Ashokbhai Baraiya
  12. Rahul Duttaroy
  13. Rajesh N
  14. Rajesh Katreddy
  15. Rajesh Ramakrishnan
  16. Ramakrishnan M
  17. Ramgopal
  18. Rolex Ranjith
  19. Sathiyamoorthy
  20. Shanmugadas
  21. Shyam Kumar
  22. Sreekar Gomatam
  23. Thirumoorthy
  24. Trinath Gaduparthi
  25. Varghese Thanickal
  26. Vickiram Balaji
  27. Vijayakumar
  28. Vikram Ramanan

Ms Students   
  1. Ashwin Kannan
  2. Azim Hashmi
  3. Baladandayuthapani
  4. M. Bharath
  5. Deepika V
  6. Ganesan
  7. Hariharan
  8. Jacob Thekkekara
  9. Kaliprasad
  10. Karthikeyan R
  11. Manuprasad
  12. Preethi R S
  13. Rajendra Rajak
  14. Ramakrishnan
  15. Sriram P Kalathoor
  16. Sumit Sarma
  17. Venu
M.Tech Students  
  1. Balaji V
  2. Pradheep R

Dual Degree Students
  1. Akanksha Baranwal 
  2. PG Athul
  3. Avinash Sahoo
  4. Deepak Kandasamy
  5. Rohit Grover
  6. Supreeth Sultanpur
  7. Sukruth Somappa
  8. Vinoth K

B.Tech Students
  1. Karthik Chandrasekhar
  2. Vivek