National Center for Combustion Research and Development

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras & Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Dr. Sujith R.I.

Professor Dept of Aerospace Engg., IITM


Combustion Instability,Acoustics,Optical Flow Diagostics (PIV, PLIF, LDV, PDPA)


A. SESHADRI, V. NAIR & R. I. SUJITH (2016) "A reduced-order deterministic model describing intermittency route to combustion instability", Combustion Theory and Modeling, In-Press.

J. VENKATRAMANI, V. NAIR, R.I. SUJITH, SAYAN GUPTA & SUNETRA SARKAR (2015) "Precursors to utter instability by an intermittency route: a model free approach", Journal of Fluids and Structures, 61, 376-391.

V. NAIR & R. I. SUJITH (2015) "Precursors to aeroacoustic instabilities in gas-transport systems", International Journal of Aeroacoustics, In-Press

J. TONY, E. A. GOPALAKRISHNAN, E. SREELEKHA & R. I. SUJITH (2015) "Detecting deterministic nature of pressure measurements from a turbulent combustor",Physical Review E, 92 (6), 062902.

V. R. UNNI & R. I. SUJITH (2015) "Multifractal characteristics of combustor dynamics close to lean blowout", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 784, 30-50

E. A. GOPALAKRISHNAN and R. I. SUJITH (2015) "Effect of external noise on the hysteresis characteristics of a thermoacoustic system", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 776, 334-353.

M. MURUGESAN & R. I. SUJITH (2015) "Combustion noise is scale-free: transition from scale-free to order at the onset of thermoacoustic instability", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 772, 225-245.

M. MURUGESAN & R. I. SUJITH (2015) "Detecting the onset of an impending thermoacoustic instability in a turbulent combustor using complex networks", Journal of Propulsion and Power, 1-6.

R. I. SUJITH, M. P. JUNIPER and P. J. SCHMID (2015) "Non-Normality and Nonlinearity in Thermoacoustic Instabilities", International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics, In-Press.


  • Post Doctoral Fellow, Georgia Tech, 1995 
  • Lecturer, IIT Madras, 1995 
  • Assistant Professor, IIT Madras, 1996
  • Associate Professor, IIT Madras, 2004
  • Professor, IIT Madras, 2006


  1. Alexander Van Humboldt Fellow, 2000 - 2001
  2. Young Engineer award of the Indian National Academy of Engineering, 2002
  3. Top graduate student in the college of Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1994
  4. HAL prize for first rank in B.Tech. at IIT Madras, 1988


  • IIT Madras,
  • National Centre for Combustion Research And Development.

List of Students

PhD Students

1.Abin Krishnan